About Us

Entering her thirties with a renewed focus on wellness and brain health, our founder began reevaluating her relationship with alcohol. Those around her were cutting back if not cutting it out altogether and, increasingly, it was coming under the microscope. At the time, the no-and-low alcohol market was nascent in the US and nearly non-existent in Canada where she called home. She wondered why more people weren’t talking about its downsides and, more importantly, why better alternatives didn’t exist. 

She set out to develop a non-alcoholic beverage that would serve as a personal investment in her well-being and promote the idea that moderation should be the aspiration. Enter a new fashioned beverage, Pari! Reminiscent of a Moscow Mule and with a name derived from the Italian word meaning “equal” or “same”, Pari promises a similar flavor, experience, and ritual to drinking alcohol without having to worry about the bad stuff.